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Written 12/15/2016 by J. Winslow


WHATS ON TAP Baby its cold out there and it’s still only FALL! Unfortunately, it’s true; cooler fall and frigid winter weather is coming down from the north - - and soon we will be off participating in our favorite winter sports: skiing, snow-shoeing, and long walks in the woods... read more
Written 07/22/2016 by J. Winslow

PET Bottles do not contain BPA, and never have

PET Bottles Do NOT Contain BPA In an effort to ease unwarranted consumer fears, the PET Resin Association has reiterated that food and beverage containers made from the polyester plastic known as PET “DO NOT” contain Bisphenol-A (BPA)... read more
Written 07/19/2016 by fox2detroit

Fuse45 Perfects the Personal Workout

Mother and daughter duo Karen Kelman and Samantha Friedman have been dreaming up ideas for new workouts together for years. Now the two have fused their professional fitness wisdom and business experience to grow Fuse45, their West Bloomfield-based business... read more
Written 07/06/2016 by J. Winslow

WHAT'S ON TAP - - Purified Ozonated Water

OZONE - - Potential Benefits Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen. The type of oxygen we breathe in every day is O2, which has 2 atoms of oxygen. Ozone is O3, which means 3 atoms of oxygen are bound together... read more
Written 06/15/2016 by J. Winslow

Summer Hydration

Welcome to summer 2016 - - The Importance of Summer Hydration. Tips for staying hydrated this summer Hydration is vital to our overall health and well-being, and by-golly it just feels good to be hydrated... read more
Written 06/05/2016 by CLICK ON DETROIT

'Smart' gym in West Bloomfield offers complete workout in 20 minutes

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. - Science plus technology combine for an intense, productive workout that claims to provide a complete workout in two 20-minute sessions per week. Local 4's Rhonda Walker visited The Exercise Coach to tryout the cutting edge workout experience... read more
Written 05/21/2016 by JCC of Metro Detroit

Lenny Krayzelburg is Coming to the J May 22nd

Activities include:Olympic Scavenger Hunt Meet & Greet with Lenny K (get your picture taken with Lenny, get his autograph and try on his Gold medal!) Advanced Swimmers Olympic Workout (registration required)Learn More read more
Written 05/02/2016 by J. Winslow

Kroger - - announced will no longer carry Primo Water

ATTENTION KROGER SHOPPERS Kroger has recently announced that they will no longer carry exchangeable 5 gallon Primo water in their grocery stores Do not despair and do not throw away your Primo water containers... read more
Written 04/19/2016 by J. Winslow

WHATS ON TAP - - What is in your tap water

WHATS ON TAP: It seems that a day does not go by that we are not hearing of a new water supply issue here in Michigan. From Grand Rapids to Flint and from Detroit to Oscoda our water supply is contaminated unintentionally with lead and cooper as well as other pollutants... read more
Written 04/12/2016 by J. Winslow


Top Four Free Drinking Water Apps If you're looking to stay fit and be healthy, drinking water is a great way to start. Up to 60% of an adult’s body weight and about 74% of a newborn’s body weight is made of water... read more
Written 12/27/2015

Start off 2016 by hitting the gym at the JCC

What better way to tackle that New Years resolution than hitting the gym! The JCC has it's group fitness schedule posted for the rest of 2015 and the beginning of the New Year. Don't procrastinate!See the schedule here: http://on.fb.me/1QStSul read more
Written 07/22/2015

Breast Reconstruction Expander

Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy is long process, and tissue expansion is traditionally is one of the most tedious and painful aspects. For women to achieve expansion in 18... read more
Written 07/16/2015 by Samantha Kelman

Cycle & Row: A Success Story from Break the Weight

I have NEVER struggled to exercise. Fitness has always been a pleasure for me and never a chore. While I have a fierce appetite for physical activity, I also have one for food. I've struggled for the longest time to break these 15 extra pounds that have been weighing me down since college... read more
Community Voice
Written 07/15/2015 by Unknown

Average Joes: ESPYs Addition

With the annual ESPYs coming this year, the Average Joes recently announced their ESPYs of the year. Thanks to all fans for voting.Enjoy:The Pete Rose Award-Mitchell Jones. Being a degenerate gambler this award fits Joes' forward Mitchell Jones perfectly... read more
Written 07/14/2015 by Unknown

Average Joes 2014: Where Are They Now

Everyone remembers when the Average Joes entered the basketball scene in 2014. They were a young, exciting, and hardworking team. For a dying JCC league, it was a much needed change... read more
Written 07/13/2015

Average Joe's Start Season Off With Win

After a long break from last year's memorable playoff run, the Average Joe's returned to the basketball court to begin their new season. The team underwent significant changes. Clyde Harris III^5 decided to retire to pursue his music career (follow @CHrinity)... read more
Written 04/06/2015

Yoga Shelter and Cycle & Row combining for a Biathalon

Yoga Shelter and Cycle & Row are combining for a biathlon Friday, April 17th. Cycling will be first at 6:15pm followed by slow flow yoga at 7:15pm. The event will cost $25 for non-studio members of either place. Monthly unlimited members of either studio pay half... read more
Written 04/02/2015 by Emma Huez

A Running Hit

"Get Out and Run, Walk and Be Healthy" is Running Fit's goal. The running specialty retailer opened its first location in Ann Arbor in 1984. The franchise has expanded to nine locations in Michigan. In 1996 was when the Orchard Lake Road Running Fit store opened... read more
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