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Written 07/22/2016 by J. Winslow

PET Bottles do not contain BPA, and never have

PET Bottles Do NOT Contain BPA In an effort to ease unwarranted consumer fears, the PET Resin Association has reiterated that food and beverage containers made from the polyester plastic known as PET “DO NOT” contain Bisphenol-A (BPA)... read more
Written 06/29/2016

Embracing LGBT issues In The GWB area

As our cultural acceptance of the LGBT community increases here in the Greater West Bloomfield area as well as the world, it also, for many unfortunately increases the risk for discrimination, real or perceived... read more
Written 06/20/2016

Dear Debra: On Marriage & Mothers-in-Law

Send your questions to deardebra@renmedia.us or use the anonymous question submission form in the link.Exaple email & response:Dear Debra,My future mother-in-law has never been particularly welcoming. I’ve tried every way I know to connect with her. Nothing works... read more
Written 05/27/2016 by Mike Szudarek

Challenges of Consumer Acceptance for Autonomous Vehicles

Since the turn of the century, technological advancements have increased exponentially at a rate that you can measure by the minute. With these advancements, the entire world has enjoyed the luxury of even the most taken for granted household items and electronics becoming autonomous... read more
Written 05/02/2016 by J. Winslow

Kroger - - announced will no longer carry Primo Water

ATTENTION KROGER SHOPPERS Kroger has recently announced that they will no longer carry exchangeable 5 gallon Primo water in their grocery stores Do not despair and do not throw away your Primo water containers... read more
Written 04/28/2016 by J. Winslow


Hydrate with Alkaline The pH level of all water varies dependent on the source for that water. Experts state that natural water from a spring typically has a pH that is acidic... read more
Written 04/19/2016 by J. Winslow

WHATS ON TAP - - What is in your tap water

WHATS ON TAP: It seems that a day does not go by that we are not hearing of a new water supply issue here in Michigan. From Grand Rapids to Flint and from Detroit to Oscoda our water supply is contaminated unintentionally with lead and cooper as well as other pollutants... read more
Written 03/16/2015 by Sohel Ather

Steps for Making the Correct Affiliate Tracking With the System

Affiliate business provides the great potential of making the lots of profits thus many online promoters are turning to the affiliate software program. If you are also online promoter then you can also take the advantage of this affiliate software for gaining more income... read more
Written 02/13/2015 by Sohel Ather

Can we call Roofing Repair simple to complete?

At the point when there is an issue or harm to a roof it can be expensive. In the event that it is not dealt with rapidly it could prompt more serious issues. By then, roof repair can spare cash contrasted with supplanting a roof particularly if the harm is gotten early... read more
Written 02/11/2015 by Sohel Ather

Buying more connections at LinkedIn can render best marketing results

LinkedIn is prominent for interfacing masters all over the place all through the world. Various people accomplice it with finding new positions and driving one's calling, however LinkedIn can in like manner be a critical space for developing the framework for a few sorts of connections ... read more
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