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Written 12/15/2016 by J. Winslow


WHATS ON TAP Baby its cold out there and it’s still only FALL! Unfortunately, it’s true; cooler fall and frigid winter weather is coming down from the north - - and soon we will be off participating in our favorite winter sports: skiing, snow-shoeing, and long walks in the woods... read more
Written 09/01/2016 by Peggy K. Goodwin

Good to Go, From Head to Toe!

Easterseals Michigan and Oakland Integrated Health Network present "Good to Go, From Head to Toe," on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at the Southfield Pavilion. This integrated health fair is the first to offer an abundance of both physical and behavioral health resources and screenings... read more
Written 07/31/2016 by Sally Ann Brown

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital Approved for Elective Angioplasty

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital has received a Certificate of Need from the State of Michigan to perform elective coronary angioplasty. Angioplasty (percutaneous coronary intervention, or PCI) is a non-surgical procedure used to open narrowed arteries in patients with heart disease... read more
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Written 07/31/2016 by http://jewishdetroitcalendar.org/

West Bloomfield Walking Group

Walk this way! Put on your tennis shoes and grab a friend or make some new ones when you join us for a comfortable pace and a fun time.Alternating Tuesdays at 10 am (Aug 2, 16 and 23) and at 6 pm (Aug 9 and 23) throughout August... read more
Written 07/22/2016 by J. Winslow

PET Bottles do not contain BPA, and never have

PET Bottles Do NOT Contain BPA In an effort to ease unwarranted consumer fears, the PET Resin Association has reiterated that food and beverage containers made from the polyester plastic known as PET “DO NOT” contain Bisphenol-A (BPA)... read more
Written 07/06/2016 by J. Winslow

WHAT'S ON TAP - - Purified Ozonated Water

OZONE - - Potential Benefits Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen. The type of oxygen we breathe in every day is O2, which has 2 atoms of oxygen. Ozone is O3, which means 3 atoms of oxygen are bound together... read more
Written 06/24/2016 by Debra Metler

Deadly Fire Pit Smoke Allowed if Cooking?

Fire pit smoke is as deadly as cigarette smoking and has been linked to lung cancer, heart attacks, asthma, and more as reported by many well respected sources. The particulates from burning wood are so small that they can enter your home even if all of the windows and doors are closed... read more
Written 06/15/2016 by J. Winslow

Summer Hydration

Welcome to summer 2016 - - The Importance of Summer Hydration. Tips for staying hydrated this summer Hydration is vital to our overall health and well-being, and by-golly it just feels good to be hydrated... read more
Written 05/25/2016 by Sari Cicurel

Eat Right Loose Weight Food over Medicine

Dr. Pam Popper is an internationally known expert on diet, health and nutrition. She’s appeared in numerous documentaries including the critically acclaimed Forks Over Knives; has a weekly spot on the award-winning PBS show Jazzy Vegetarian; and is a New York Times bestselling author... read more
Written 05/22/2016 by Cari DeLamielleure-Scott

Soul Center weaves future for special-needs adults

WEST BLOOMFIELD — Surrounded by paints, laser printers and yarn, 21-year-old Akiva Pollock, of Oak Park, focuses his creativity on transforming a quote by John Green into a personal masterpiece. “Because nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff. ..... read more
Written 05/02/2016 by J. Winslow

Kroger - - announced will no longer carry Primo Water

ATTENTION KROGER SHOPPERS Kroger has recently announced that they will no longer carry exchangeable 5 gallon Primo water in their grocery stores Do not despair and do not throw away your Primo water containers... read more
Written 04/28/2016 by J. Winslow


Hydrate with Alkaline The pH level of all water varies dependent on the source for that water. Experts state that natural water from a spring typically has a pH that is acidic... read more
Written 04/19/2016 by J. Winslow

WHATS ON TAP - - What is in your tap water

WHATS ON TAP: It seems that a day does not go by that we are not hearing of a new water supply issue here in Michigan. From Grand Rapids to Flint and from Detroit to Oscoda our water supply is contaminated unintentionally with lead and cooper as well as other pollutants... read more
Written 04/12/2016 by J. Winslow


Top Four Free Drinking Water Apps If you're looking to stay fit and be healthy, drinking water is a great way to start. Up to 60% of an adult’s body weight and about 74% of a newborn’s body weight is made of water... read more
Written 04/07/2016 by The Sacramento Bee

Michigan cancer survivor smashes 3-D-printed tumor replica

DETROIT-A Michigan pancreatic cancer survivor has exacted some revenge.Sheila Sky Kasselman used a hammer Wednesday to smash to pieces a 3-D-printed replica of her tumor.The 75-year-old West Bloomfield resident looked at the 3/4-inch facsimile and said "that little guy created a lot of havoc... read more
Written 03/30/2016 by Darcee Hope

New Oakland Family Centers Announces Eating Disorders Program

New Oakland Family Centers — mental health and wellness providers serving West Bloomfield and surrounding communities since 1990 — have announced the launch of a new specialty eating disorders capability under the leadership of noted eating disorders specialist Dr. Kathy Chen... read more
Written 03/05/2016 by Cari DeLamielleure-Scott

Doctors say RSV is in season

METRO DETROIT — During the winter months, the average child contracts about six colds, according to Dr. Irvin Kappy, service chief of pediatrics for Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. And oftentimes, the cause of the cold is the respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, Kappy added... read more
Written 01/27/2016 by Friendship Circle

Farber Soul Center Construction Update

The number one question being asked these days is: “When will the Farber Soul Center be open for business?”To help answer that question, this article will provide a rough timeline for the final construction stages of the Farber Soul Center and tentative opening dates... read more
Written 10/19/2015 by Source of Universal Love

Thanksforgiving and Holiday Dreams Do Come True at Source of Universal Love

2015 Thanksforgiving and Holiday "Dreams Do Come True"Thank you for your caring heart and interest in helping others.Ways to Participate and Contribute: ♥ Host a wine and cheese or dinner party or create your own fundraiser, such as a fashion show or auction. Invite family and friends... read more
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