West Bloomfield, MI
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Shelby Wolok

On Monday August 22 eight West Bloomfield High School graduates held their first annual fantasy football draft at the West Bloomfield Buffalo Wild Wings location. There was much anticipation leading up to the draft, mainly because of a heated dispute over prize payouts. Sean Wigler was adamant in his belief that the league winner receive more money while the majority of the league wanted the first place finisher to also get money. The deciding factor was Mitchell Jones. He noted "If Shelby wants what Sean does then it has to be bad so I'm gonna switch my vote beast." With that, the payouts were made and the draft was ready to begin.

At 7:15 the draft began with Antonio Brown being the first off of the board. Dylan Bressler made some odd choices with his selections, going so far as to select Browns' pothead Josh Gordon. Jason Schwartz, who is the league commissioner followed suit as he struggled to understand how to click the button to draft players on his computer. Local Abbott kid Ben Vorce also made an appearance to the OLMS side of town for the draft and was solid in his picks. Mitchell Jones wore headphones to have his team president and coach available at all times to discuss draft picks and trades. Possibly most surprising of all though was the appearance of Matt Curtis in the league, who seemed to be helping Smelly Rubenfire draft. Still no word from Curtis on who will start at quarterback for Michigan this year unfortunately. However he could comment that he will "Be a big part of team 137.

The draft began to wind down but not without controversy. Jason Schwartz was unable to select Donte Moncrief due to a computer malfunction. He proceeded to yell at the other GMs. Luckily, Max and Alec Sandberg agreed to trade Moncrief, whom they selected to Schwartz for Jonathan Stewart. The trade might still be up in the air though as Alec said he is unsure of Schwartz's honesty on the issue. Nonetheless, it was a successful night. For those interested, the league name is: Cincinnati Zoo and will begin in a few weeks. Nobody knows who will win, but everyone can agree that there is not a chance that Shelby will win.


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