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West Bloomfield, Michigan
Michael J. Phillips
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"A Community Without Closets"

What is the JGN?
The Jewish Gay Network of Michigan (JGN) is a community encompassing growth, empowerment, and advocacy in the GLBT-Ally and Jewish communities.

We have offices at the Jewish Community Centers in West Bloomfield and in Oak Park . These are safe spaces for social and educational events, confidential consultations - places to strengthen community ties and seek guidance.

You can also find the JGN community online. Our website, www.jgnmi.org, serves as a hub for membership, services, and event information. The Jewish Gay Network of Michigan is also active on Facebook where chat and noteworthy news are available real-time.

What is the JGN all about?

The JGN envisions a world without closets.

Instead of hidden identities and values, JGN members contribute to an environment of inclusiveness and positive action. We believe in exploring the ways our sexuality, faith, tradition, and society intersect.

"How can I guide and support my young gay daughter?"

"Will my Rabbi understand what I'm going through?"

"I want to help fight for equal rights!"

"Where can I meet people who share my values?"

"What does it mean to be a part of two minorities?"

We believe in healthy questioning. Through educational programming, partnered social events, and professional networking, we invite members of our various communities to help us find answers.

The JGN promotes safety and growth for the whole individual. If you are seeking support to come out, if you are seeking a headquarters from which to work for civil rights, if you are seeking a welcoming congregation for Friday night services, the JGN is a portal to connect your needs to the gathered resources of our community. Because as Lesbians, Jews, Men, Gays, allies, Trans, Women, youth, adults, our partnership is our own best resource.


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