West Bloomfield, MI
6718 Orchard Lake Rd.
Suite B
West Bloomfield, Michigan
Monday - Friday 9am - 5:30pm Saturday 9am - 4pm

From the company website:

"Why am I walking into the gym or a yoga class and see that everyone is wearing the SAME clothes? This is a common thought that went through the mind of the Be Free Apparel owner. She had a vision that we are all going to the gym or a yoga class to FREE ourselves from the real world. We work out hard to let go of the stress or tension that our everyday lives are consumed with. Once we are done with our workout, we have a sense of liberation, a sense of being FREE! This is how Be Free transformed into a cute little boutique where the items are hand selected to be worn not only to your workout class, but also on the streets to run your errands and have lunch with your friends."


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